Elusive landscapes series

This series is inspired by winter colors and peaceful and mysterious atmosphere in the mountains. When I painted it I didn’t use photos or sketches as a reference. My work was intuitive, guided by sensations and memories from my walks in the hills near my house and frequent trips to the nearby mountains. I really […]

Insight series

“Insight” is my first series of abstract landscapes. After so many years of painting realistic oil paintings this time, instead of focusing on realistic representation and details, I mostly paid attention to the colors and the texture of the surface. For paint I used acrylics and handmade colors with earth pigments. Insight series Various sizes, […]

Publication on the magazine “Arte” Mondadori

In the month of June 2013, in the magazine “Arte” Mondadori, Movimento Artistico XXI Secolo published information about some of its artists. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Aldo Maria Pero for this appreciation of my art. Nel mese di giugnio 2013, sulla rivista Arte Mondadori, Movimento Artistico XXI Secolo ha […]

artBrescia // Rivista ARTE – EDIZIONI CAIRO

Nel mese di aprile nella rivista ARTE – EDIZIONI CAIRO verranno pubblicati i nomi partecipanti all’edizione 2013 artBrescia biennale.