Ewa Ceborska is an artist born in Poland who lives and works in Italy.
In 1995 she graduated from High School of Art in Kielce (Poland) specializing in Tapestry and Artistic Fabrics. In 2002 she graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Nicola Copernicus University of Torun (Poland) specializing in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Polychrome sculptures. During her studies, she also attended drawing and contemporary painting courses, besides many workshops on early artistic techniques.
In 2003 she made the reproductions of ten paintings that were destroyed during the fire of the Grand Theater “La Fenice” in Venice. Today those paintings are still decorating the Royal stage of the theater.
In 2004 she moved to Italy and she started collaborating with several restoration laboratories in the Veneto region. At the same time she continued to paint. At first only the copies of Old Masters paintings following techniques described in painting manuscripts and then, in 2010, she started following her own artistic path. She preferred oils by painting mainly portraits and urban landscapes that connect the past to the present, so typical of Italy.
Latest works, inspired especially by mountain landscapes, are distinguished by greater freedom of expression. The artist also explores different painting techniques – watercolor, inks, acrylic paints and natural pigments.

“I’m constantly searching for new inspirations, new incentives and new artistic challenges: I don’t think that a style could ever be final.”

Group and solo exhibitions
SULLE ORME DI GIORGIONE, group exhibitions at Art&Media Art Gallery – Castelfranco Veneto (TV) e Villa Benzi Zecchini – Caerano San Marco, Italy.
DEMOCRARTECRAZIA, group exhibition at Maestro Xante Battaglia Art Gallery in Venice, Italy.
CARNEVALE 5050, group exhibition Web Art Gallery in Treviso, Italy.
SECONDA RASSEGNA DI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA , group exhibition at Ca’ dei Carraresi, Treviso, Italy.
THE CITY AND THE NIGHT, group exhibition at Coronari Art Gallery in Rome, Italy
PRZEDWIOSNIE 36, group exhibition of the finalist of the contemporary art competition at BWA Art Gallery in Kielce, Poland.
CITYSCAPES | KIELCE, solo exhibition at Petite Art Gallery in Kielce, Poland. PRZEDWIOSNIE 37, group exhibition of the finalist of the contemporary art competition at BWA Art Gallery in Kielce, Poland.
L’ORO VESTE IL BIANCO E Il NERO, group exhibition at Parentesi Art Gallery in Vittorio Veneto, Italy.
CITTÀ SOSPESE, solo exhibition at The Gallery of the University Library in Kielce, Poland.
ART(è) DONNA, group exhibition at exhibition rooms of City Hall in San Vendemiano, Italy.